A SMELLY business.....​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

How is it that we can sniff a fragrance and it instantly reminds us of a time or a place or it makes us feel emotional in some way?

HOW DOES THE nose WORK?  Well, it's all down to a body part known as the 'Olfactory Bulb'.  Sensory receptors in our nostrils send a message to the olfactory bulb which identifies the smell.  It starts to talk to the same part of the brain which deals with mood, emotion and memory too.  

Quite simply....     

​​​​​​​Smell and memory together evokes memories, sometimes those long forgotten.  Smell and emotion create an emotive reaction, such as desire or relaxation.
Our sense of smell differs between us, which means that two people may not smell chocolate in exactly the same way.  Some of us have more sensitive 'noses', others less so.  

It's for these reasons that we all tend to like different fragrances.   Some prefer sharp citrus, or more floral tones, others love earthy and woody tones.

When sampling perfumes or fragrances, our senses become overloaded after more three different aromas.  We start to have trouble telling the difference or identifying what we can actually smell.  At this point, take a good sniff on fresh coffee beans to reset the sense of smell!

Our range of fragrances have been designed to hit the spot for lots of different reactions.  We have the sharp citrus tones of Energise; a sweet, soft combination of orange blossom and spices that make Sunrise; the marine-based aroma of Focus; the healing herbal and floral tones of Relax; the dark, woody and sensous tones of After Dark; the Winter citrus and warming spices of Nordic Spa; and finally a full bodied white floral bouquet fragrance which is Hope.