Increase Your Mental Focus

The truth…

Life can be hectic and tiring, perhaps with little time to stop.

We often wish we could be more productive… less tired... less scattered...

AND have more FOCUS.

If only there was a way to really relax… a way to recover… a way to find more balance.

Let me ask you this…

Do you remember a time when you were by the sea? It feels good, right?

Feeling fully in the moment, walking along the beach with the sand between your toes and the distinctive fresh smell of the salty sea air all around?

Perhaps you remember being a child with the warmth on your skin and the sun-kissed glow on your face as you got into the car for the drive home?

Does it make you smile?

I think we are all drawn to the sea.

After all, who doesn't love the irresistible positive vibe that surrounds the sea shore.  It's a natural mood enhancer - and scientists agree!  Most of us day dream about being on the beach, the rolling waves, the warm sun, the salty air and sand between our toes.

I love the sea too, and recognising it’s incredible link to well-being, I wanted to capture the essence of those feelings. 

Time on the beaches of North Norfolk was my inspiration for my fresh, balancing home fragrance - Focus.

The smell of sea really is important to us... 

I have created a little piece of seaside heaven for you to enjoy in your home.

So whether you are working from home, looking after your family, or getting creative in the workshop, you can stop, breathe in and enjoy the calming, balancing properties of the ocean - inhaling the smell of the sea, enhancing your mood and creating calm and balance through the soothing benefits of lightly invigorating ÉLAN scented FOCUS candles or diffusers in your home. 

The Science Piece...

Salt from the ocean is really suspended in the air, and gives our hair and skin that distinctive salty taste and smell... making us feel all seaside sticky!

The smell of the seaside actually comes from Dimethyl Sulfide. This is a metabolite, found in marine algae, seaweed, and phytoplankton, and is the most common and abundant organo-sulfide emitted into the atmosphere from plankton in our oceans.

This is mixed with Ozone - a pale blue gas with a distinctively fresh smell. You can smell it outside before or after a thunderstorm, as well as by the sea... and you'll find it in our Focus fragrance too.

Get that sea shore vibe!



West Runton Beach, North Norfolk

The mix of all of these fragrances results in a universal feeling of zen calm and balance.

And the negative ions produced from the water molecules and ocean air help to calm our thoughts too.

Not only that, our sense of smell often triggers good memories of happy times.

It’s not therefore surprising that those lucky enough to live by the coast report better physical and mental health.

ELAN's Focus feels like pure relaxation and joy.

So if you would love a simple way to feel more zen or balance in your life, why not take advantage of a Focus candle or open a Focus reed diffuser to feel those seaside feel-good vibes every day.