Step Into Spring!

With the evenings getting lighter and as the floral buds appearing around us, more than ever I just can't wait for my favourite season of the year to arrive.

 The smell of spring is delicate and sweet, embracing abundant blossoms and tinged with a watery fresh ozonated fragrance like April showers.

With lighter days, and uplifting feelings, our energy is transformed and we excitedly look forward to new opportunities in a new season, as the drab brown surroundings transforms to a brighter green landscape. The Spring is a time for new beginnings.

 I created my Verdant fragrance to be a celebration of springtime. For me, it embraces memories of warm morning sun on a dewy landscape, and reminds me of the smell of fresh-cut stems and flower petals unfolding in the Spring sunlight, releasing their sweet scent into the morning air.

In fact, the very essence of this fragrance is created to inspire. Engaging our subconscious limbic system, it is likely to have the positive effect of uplifting our moods and triggering fond memories.

 So, if, like me, as a child you played in the garden, rolled in the grass and picked the flowers, this fragrance is likely to transport you back to those happy times!

 Fresh, floral and simple, Verdant is a blend of peony oil with rose and carnation - the very essence of new beginnings and abundance.

The Rose

The Rose delights us all with it’s strong intoxicating scent. It is called the ‘Queen of Flowers’ and for good reason - it is used in over 75% of perfumes around the world.

 Its fragrance is so delicate that the blooms have to be harvested as dawn awakens and before the heat from the sun evaporates the oil from the petals. Incredibly, it takes nearly 200 rose flowers to yield a single drop of absolute oil.

The Peony

The Peony is a lush, delicious flower, with a scent that is sweet, fresh and soothing. Complementing the delicate scent of rose, it is evocative and sensuous.

In Greek Mythology there was once a beautiful nymph named Paeonia …

who attracted the attention of Apollo - God of the Sun, Dance and Poetry - and he began to unashamedly flirt with her. When Paeonia realised that Aphrodite - the Goddess of love - was watching them she became shy and turned bright red. In return, Aphrodite transformed the nymph into a peony flower to symbolize her shyness.

Myth says that to this day, mischievous nymphs hide in the petals of the peony's delicate bloom!

The Carnation

The Carnation really is a gardener's delight, often found in our cottage gardens as the great British Pink.

I remember picking these fragrant stems from our garden as a child and wrapping them in tissue paper to take to school for my junior school teacher, but I was allowed no more than three precious blooms.

My father was a keen gardener, as well as a cosmetic scientist, and he always grew them next to roses.  He taught me that these two scents will dance in the air like no other floral duo.

Verdant Diffuser


Use Verdant To Add Springtime In Your Home

So if you are excited to experience more vitality and optimism in the month ahead, why not use Verdant to boost the smell of your own picked flower bouquet and extend the fresh smell of spring to every room of your home?

 Or if you favour artificial flowers, why not add Verdant to add a rich, sweet, spring fragrance touch to your hallway, kitchen or sitting room.

Celebrate Mother’s Day with the Gift of Verdant

What could be more wonderful than to celebrate Mother’s Day with Verdant? Lavish your precious Mum with the most delicious fragrance of springtime and lovely memories as well. Such a thoughtful and meaningful gift that is sure to be loved.

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Verdant really is a celebration of springtime and new beginnings - embracing nature and all of it’s magnificent fragrance, directly into your beautiful home.