What's The Secret To A Really Good Night's Sleep?

Let me ask you this…

Did you know that fragrance is one of the primary keys to
well-being? We can change our mood almost instantly through the incredible power it has.

You can feel more rested and refreshed every day using it’s soothing, uplifting or relaxing benefits, meaning your mindset is more positive and your energy is high.

Sleep is key to our mood and if you have been struggling with anxiety, as so many of us have, and it’s been affecting your precious sleep, let me suggest some simple solutions that are easy to implement and are sure to soothe…

And of course, I’d love to begin with sharing how a more delicious sleep can be experienced through the simple use of a soothing smell…


Frankincense, an oil made from the resin of the Boswellia tree, is widely known to assist with inner peace & harmony and is often used to accompany meditation. So why not take advantage of its soothing benefits and light an ÉLAN scented Frankincense & Myrrh candle or wax melt in your bedroom for no more than an hour before bedtime to relax you and keep anxiety at bay throughout the night?

Keeping a reed diffuser in your bedroom can help to create a permanent, familiar scent which you will come to associate with relaxation. ELAN’s Relax ​​​​​​​is an earthy, floral blend of calming jasmine, mood balancing geranium and sultry patchouli - perfect to help you enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

Top tip - by placing our wax melts into one of our fragrance pouches it makes it easy to take this calming fragrance wherever you go - in your handbag, car or suitcase when travelling away from home.

And what else can you do to drift into a deep and relaxing night's sleep? Well, here are some thoughts…

Weighted Blankets

Start your search at John Lewis for one of these.

Providing stress relief and therapeutic sleep especially to those with anxiety, the calmness comes from the weighted blanket’s ability to create what’s called ‘deep pressure touch’ which is what helps calm the nervous system.  

Wearing Socks

We love  Chinti & Parker's soft, cashmere socks

As strange as it might seem, sleeping with socks on may aid temperature regulation and induce a much better sleep throughout the night. 

White, Pink & Brown Noise

The  UK Best Reviews Guide 2022 recently released their Top Ten Pink Noise Machines

You have probably heard of white noise, but did you know there is pink and brown noise too? If you’ve tried white noise to get to sleep, with little success, pink or brown noise could be a solution.If white noise sounds like static, pink noise is more like a waterfall. The pink tones are proven to be calming and still mask a variety of sounds. And if you’re being distracted by an even lower frequency of sound, say a deep, rumbling train, using a low-pitched brown noise will blend the train into a more continuous noise, making it much less distracting.  

Prepare for Bed

Having a routine and prepping for bed, can send clear signals to your brain to relax and get ready for sleep. Having a bath 20 minutes before bed, brushing hair, cleaning teeth and nightly skin care, can all aid relaxation through a nightly wind-down routine.

Perhaps reading a book or listening to calming music could become part of a joy-inducing bedtime experience.


What to Avoid!

Caffeine is a stimulant so try to avoid drinking it in the afternoons. Large spicy meals too close to bedtime should be avoided for those who suffer any digestion problems - for obvious reasons!  Also try not to drink too much water before bedtime as a full bladder may wake you up in the night.

And finally, research shows that looking at brightly-lit screens stimulates the part of our brain designed to keep us awake! Enough said.

So enjoy trying some of these out, and do let me know how you get on!